How can Lake Tahoe Contractors Protect their Equipment?

How can Lake Tahoe Contractors Protect their Equipment?As a contractor, tools and equipment are critical components of the job. However, these significantly expensive items can pose a serious risk for property loss exposures. Between automobiles, materials at the site, tools, and specialty equipment, you need a specialized Lake Tahoe Contractor Insurance policy to protect your business and its assets.

What are the biggest loss exposures for contractors?

Unfortunately, the risk of materials and property being stolen from a job site is relatively high. According to industry experts, theft losses comprise the largest percentage of commercial losses, with some reports estimating that tool and equipment theft represent one-third of all equipment claim losses for contractors. Especially for contractors who primarily work on job sites rather than at their personal shops, these risks are increasingly high.

Another major exposure for contractors is equipment breakdown. If the machinery fails to perform, it not only reduces productivity but also increases safety hazards. Furthermore, if you transport machinery to and from work sites, you need to have the right coverage to protect you and your portable equipment on the road.

So, how do I protect my business and my tools?

There are a variety of specialized coverages available to you to protect your assets. From Inland Marine Insurance to protect your portable tools to Equipment Breakdown protection, we have all the policies you need to achieve some peace of mind. At Cal Nevada Insurance Agency, our coverages are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific risk exposures. To learn more about how to protect your Lake Tahoe contractor business, we invite you to contact us today at (866) 670-5948.