What Are the Features of a Successful Golf Course?

Golf Course Insurance: What Are the Features of a Successful Golf Course?What Are the Features of a Successful Golf Course?

As an owner or manager of a golf course, it’s important to get inside the minds of golfers and determine what it is exactly that attracts them to the game. Perhaps more important though, is determining what it is that makes a golf course desirable to them. Although opinions will change among individuals, here are some basic factors that golfers typically look for in a course.

History. Walking the same fairways as famous professional golfers, such as Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus creates a huge appeal for many golfers. If you’ve had famous golfers on your course, promote it!

Prestige or Status. Exclusivity can enhance the attraction of many businesses, especially golf courses. People want to know what they’re missing!

Location and Scenery. Golfers want to be able to take a look around and feel as though they’re on a resort, even if it’s in the middle of a busy city. The good news is that Nevada and Arizona are both listed under the top 10 best golf states. However, even if you don’t have an ideal location, a lot can be said for good landscaping.

Course and Clubhouse Conditions. The fairways of your golf course must be well kept. The same can be said for the course Clubhouse. Most golfers look for a classy, traditional feel and good customer service when it comes to the Clubhouse.

Difficulty. Many golfers are brought back to courses because of the challenge. It’s easy to get bored if a course is too easy. Difficult courses can be great, as long as they are fair.

Service. Customers want to feel as though you are there to help them, no matter what aspect of your facility it involves. For example, if a golfer uses a caddy from your course, they’ll want a caddy who knows that course.

What golfers think of your course is essential to your success, but it’s even more important to consider your protection against losses and liability. Cal-Nevada provides outdoor recreational insurance as well as risk management advice and golf course insurance for golfing clubs, golf courses, and country clubs throughout the northern California, Arizona, and Nevada areas. Contact us today at (866)670-5948 for more information.