Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Maintaining Horse Stables

Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Maintaining Horse StablesOutdoor Recreation Insurance: Maintaining Horse Stables

For years, horseback riding has been one of the most popular activities there is for campers in the Lake Tahoe area and beyond. If you run a stable on your campground, the most important thing you can do is to ensure the safety of your employees and guests while still protecting your bottom line with outdoor recreation insurance. However, another equally important factor to consider is horse health and safety.

Here are issues you should consider when maintaining horse stables.

  • Roof. It’s important to check this at least once a year for damage. Also, keep guttering clear to prevent leakage and bad drainage.
  • Walls. You should brush down the walls on a daily basis, removing cobwebs and excess dirt. Wooden walls should be treated at least once a year with creosote, but only when the horses are not in the stable.
  • Floors. Good stables have a solid concrete floor, and ideally rubber matting to prevent possible injuries to the horses. Once a year at least, all of the bedding should be removed and the floors and walls thoroughly disinfected using animal-friendly cleaners.
  • Windows. Stables should be well ventilated, plus natural light is important for the horses’ well-being. Windows should be washed at least once a week.
  • Insulation. Stables are designed to keep horses warm and dry, so in the cooler months this is imperative. Make sure any internal walls are repaired if damaged, to prevent insulation becoming visible and prone to chewing.
  • Drains. Ideally, a stable should be on ground with a slight slope to that any water or urine drains away. Make sure drains remain covered but clear of debris.
  • Lights. Artificial lights should be protected with a waterproof cover to prevent water damage, and kept out of reach of the horses.
  • Clean Water. Make sure the horses’ water supply is kept clean and free from debris and contamination.

Outdoor recreation facilities also face unique insurance risks. Unpredictable weather, injury, damages; there are a range of unique risks that could leave your outdoor recreation operation liable. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Programs in California, Nevada & Arizona serves recreation businesses across the region with comprehensive insurance products and risk management services. Contact us today for more information – (866) 670-5948.