Lake Tahoe Cautiously Optimistic About El Niño

El Niño and its stormy weather are under way. While ski resorts and outdoor recreation areas are likely to take full advantage of the coming snow and rain, the inclement weather poses some other risks for businesses.  In order to protect your property and assets, inquire about Lake Tahoe Business Insurance Policies.

Jan Null, a meteorologist with Golden Gate Weather Services described a strong El Niño as a disruption in weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean- when its surface warms, it releases heat, which in turn causes wind direction and jet streams to change.

As the state is currently experiencing a heavy drought, the storms ahead are bound to contribute to a wet winter.  According to the Sierra Sun, a July report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service indicates a significant increase in Pacific surface water temperatures and strengthening equatorial westerly winds reflect an ongoing and strengthening El Niño.

As of now, meteorologists are using models to predict the coming forecasts. However, they remain stuck in the middle about whether or not the coming storms are going to reflect heavy snowpack or warm, wet weather known as “pineapple express” storms.

However, meteorologist Brian Brong believes that this heavy storm is likely to bring another drought in the coming years. While other El Niño storms, such as the one in 1997, have brought immense snowfall for the Tahoe region, he remains cautiously optimistic about the potential strength of the storm.

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