Business Tips: Marketing Strategies for Contractors

Business Tips Marketing Strategies for ContractorsAs a self-employed business owner in the construction industry, it’s challenging to find prospective jobs while working on current projects. It’s important to continue to build your own company with new hires and get the word out about your business. While it’s important to attract new customers, it’s just as important to protect your business with Lake Tahoe Contractors Insurance.

According to an article by SmallTownMarketing, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on advertising for TV, radios or newspapers. Here are 5 cost efficient ways to market your company and build a clientele.

  1. Network, network, network. Take some extra time to meet with different organizations. Any organizations that get to know you will recommend you to others they know. Try to take a few business meetings a month with people you haven’t meant. Although this can seem time consuming, it will pay off in the long run.
  2. Advertise with business cards: Any chance you get, throw in your company’s business card. Place it in the envelopes of the bills you pay or to the barista that makes your coffee. There’s a chance that either that person needs construction expertise or knows someone that does.
  3. Use the Yellow Pages. Not everyone is technologically savvy, so it’s important to cater to those who still use phone books. The article suggests this for your page ad “for special offers and un-advertised specials visit our website.” That way, prospective clients are redirected and avoid scanning over your competitors offers in the Yellow Pages.
  4. Build your clientele with referrals. Make sure to follow up with all your old customers. Are they in need of any new remodeling? Do they know someone that is? By contacting them, you are putting your name in their minds and they will bring you up in case of referrals.
  5. Use your construction vehicles. It’s essential that your vehicles be parked in areas of high traffic, exposed to a lot of people. Make sure that your trucks have your company name on them and a way to contact you. For phone numbers, place them in the rear of the truck for people who pull up behind you to write down.

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