Lake Tahoe RV Insurance: Safely Exploring California

Lake Tahoe RV Insurance: Safely Exploring California Lake Tahoe RV Insurance Safely Exploring California

If you are looking to traverse the Golden State this summer, an RV or camper can be an exciting means of exploration for daring travelers. According to a recent Michigan University Study, nearly 9 million households own an RV across the nation. Most of the recreational vehicle owners are middle class families with children, but an RV can be an incredible option for adventurers of all demographics.

With over 15,000 campsites throughout the state, California offers ample opportunities to RV owners to explore any of the 280 state parks and historical centers. The most important part of planning any excursion is ensuring your safety. A good safety plan starts with obtaining the best Lake Tahoe RV insurance to protect you and your fellow travelers from any unexpected mishaps. At Cal-Nevada we are dedicated to ensuring that your zeal for life and exploration are fully protected in whatever thrilling endeavors you seek.

We have compiled a brief RV safety checklist to protect your assets before you head out on the open road or into the great outdoors.

  • Make sure your RV has been fully tuned up and is ready for action. Like any automotive, RVs which have been sedentary for a period of time could face operational challenges associated with inactivity.
  • Have extra supplies. Extra gas and water reserves can come in handy on the off chance that you get lost in any area.
  • Make sure to have a functional spare tire. Double check that your spare tire has no cracks or leaks and retains inflation by filling the tire a few days before your trip and monitoring it before leaving.
  • Preplan and understand the rout you’re taking. Mapping out the travel rout is a great start, but also check the terrain and weather conditions each day before starting out. This will ensure that you are aware of current driving conditions and can plan accordingly.

Driving large vehicles can be a challenge and there is often an increased likelihood of accidents, but a comprehensive Lake Tahoe RV insurance plan can make all the difference. Our California Recreational Vehicle insurance provides a variety of liability coverage, which can helps with legal defense costs and monetary settlements. We also offer Lake Tahoe Personal Articles insurance to protect your valuable personal property from accidental damage, theft and disappearance. For additional information about any of our policies, call us today at (866) 670-5948.