Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Why Being Outside Is Good For You

Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Why Being Outside Is Good For You

Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Why Being Outside Is Good For You

June is National Employee Benefit Month. In tribute to the importance of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, we’ll take a look at a crucial part of an individual’s well-being- the benefits of being outdoors.

It’s simple. Spending time outdoors is good for you. Here are some points from the Harvard Health Letter on just why basking in the sunshine has so many benefits.

Your vitamin D levels rise. Sunlight hitting our skin helps activate and create vitamin D. While this is no reason to ditch the sunscreen, vitamin D acquired from sunlight can help fight certain conditions including cancer, depression, heart attacks and osteoporosis. Just make sure you don’t overdo it on sun exposure and always take precautions to protect yourself.

You’ll be happier. Light tends to elevate people’s mood, which means that being outdoors in plenty of sunlight is better than staying in. Physical activity has also been shown to help boost people’s overall happiness and helps them to relax.

You’ll get more exercise. Just being outside means you’re most likely more active than if you were sitting in front of a computer screen or watching television. It automatically sets your body in motion.

You may heal faster. Some studies have shown that people recovering from spinal surgery experience less stress and pain when they were exposed to natural light. They even took less pain medication.

Your concentration will improve. One study found that children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors. Taking a break from the routine of  your day to go outside can refresh you and help you focus better.

What outdoor activities do you have this summer? We’d love to hear from you.

Outdoor recreation facilities also face unique insurance risks. Unpredictable weather, injury, damages; there are a range of unique risks that could leave your outdoor recreation operation liable. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Programs in California, Nevada & Arizona serves recreation businesses across the region with comprehensive insurance products and risk management services. Contact us today for more information – (866) 670-5948.