Outdoor Recreation Insurance: The Importance of Exercising Safety and Minimizing Liability

Outdoor Recreation Insurance The Importance of Exercising Safety and Minimizing LiabilityOutdoor Recreation Insurance: The Importance of Exercising Safety and Minimizing Liability

During the summer season, Northern California is packed with children and adults eager to escape the city and delve into nature’s beauties. Yosemite, Mount Diablo and Lake Tahoe; it’s clear as to why it’s been a summer vacation spot for those who enjoy partaking in activities such as, camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Throughout each week, many visitors participate in outdoor recreation programs. Think of it as an itinerary curated by professional staff familiar to the area. But it’s still susceptible to a number of risks and when exploring national forests and lakes, potential hazards are around every mountain. It’s essential for staff to (1) identify these risks and (2) create and implement a safety plan that minimizes liability.

Steps to minimizing liability in outdoor recreation programs:

  1. Devise the objectives and goals of the program
  2. Discuss the risks involved and published them on sign-up sheets and brochure
  3. Disclose legal matters in these brochures and information packet
  4. Reiterate the necessity for every participant to exercise caution.


Safety Tips

  1. Always have a companion nearby
  2. Do not overextend your physical capabilities
  3. Always watch your footing
  4. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes
  5. Inspect your equipment beforehand
  6. Always factor in weather and trail condition
  7. Learn basic first aid
  8. Pitch your tent before sundown
  9. Exercise caution in slippery areas
  10. When hiking, let the slowest person set the pace
  11. Bring sunscreen
  12. Take frequent rests
  13. Always hydrate
  14. Do not drink alcohol

Outdoor recreation facilities also face unique insurance risks. Unpredictable weather, injury, damages; there are a range of unique risks that could leave your outdoor recreation operation liable. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Programs in California, Nevada & Arizona serves recreation businesses across the region with comprehensive insurance products and risk management services. Contact us today for more information – (866) 670-5948.