Lake Tahoe Home Insurance: When to Hire vs. DIY

Lake Tahoe Home Insurance When to Hire vs. DIYLake Tahoe Home Insurance: When to Hire vs. DIY

Summer is a great time for home improvement projects. You have more time, the weather is nice and hopefully you can even rope the kids into helping you while they’re home on vacation. The basic fixer-upper projects you can tackle yourself- painting touch-ups, gardening, cleaning out the garage. But some- building decks, patios, repainting the house- are slightly more labor intensive. So how do you know when to hire out a professional and when to do it yourself? Here are a few guidelines to help you decide:

Do you have the time & stamina? Even if you know you could tackle a project, do you have the time to? If you have a busy vacation season planned or lots of activities with the kids, it may be better to let a professional handle it than leaving it half-finished.

Do you know what’s needed for the project? What materials are required for the project? How much and what type? Do you have the necessary materials on hand? If you already have the skills and power tools necessary for a construction project it might be worth it- otherwise you might want to rethink your strategy.

Do you have the knowledge? While determination and enthusiasm are essential components for a big DIY project, some home improvements require serious technical skills. While you may want to try it, technical projects such as electricity and plumbing may be better left to professionals.

Before you take on a DIY project that may cost you more in time, frustration and materials than you realize, use the above guidelines to evaluate it. If it is a project you can handle, go for it. If not, better hire a professional.

If you’re making serious changes to your house, don’t forget to adjust your home insurance accordingly. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers both property and liability coverage for your house, its contents, your belongings and your assets. We serve homeowners throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area, northern California, Nevada and Arizona areas with superior home insurance. Contact us today for more information.