Plumbing Safety Considerations

Plumbing Safety ConsiderationsWith many of the same risks present in traditional construction environments, it should come as no surprise that plumbers face a broad range of risks in their daily operation. From hazardous materials to physically constraining work conditions, it’s imperative for these professionals to protect themselves while on the job. Therefore, in addition to securing the right Lake Tahoe Artisan Contractor Insurance policy, heed the following advice.

Hazardous materials.

According to The Plumber, exposure to lead, sulfur dioxide, asbestos, mold, and other hazardous substances are definitely a significant threat to plumbers. We absolutely recommend wearing safety glasses, gloves and, in some cases, a face mask or respirator. Proximity to flammable materials and exposure to raw sewage or bird/rodent droppings also are threats to be mindful of. Next, protect your ears as almost half of plumbers experience some sort of hearing loss throughout their careers.

Physical limitation injuries.

It’s easy to become injured or pull a muscle when working in cramped quarters at awkward angles. Experts recommend staying physically fit to keep your body ready for the physical demands of the job. Further, wear the right gear and always have a spotter for heavy lifting.

Beware of your surroundings.

When on the job, beware of slips, falls, fire hazards, and electrical hazards. Professional contractors should pay attention during safety training and always enforce company safety policies, says the article.

Prepare for extreme weather.

From the dead of winter to the middle of summer, wearing the right protective clothing is a must. Be sure to stay hydrated, wear cool clothing, and take breaks as needed throughout summer months. In winter, wear the right number of layers and plan for potential snow storms, rains, etc.

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