A Small Business’ Guide to Cybersecurity

A Small Business' Guide to CybersecurityCybersecurity is a real threat to businesses of all sizes. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institute, 50 percent of small businesses have been breached in the last 12 months alone. As preparing for such attacks is your first line of defense, the right Lake Tahoe Cyber Liability Insurance is a must.

Hackers target small businesses because they fall into hackers’ cybersecurity “sweet spot:” They have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer has, but less security than a larger enterprise, says Business News Daily. Further, hackers know that small businesses typically underestimate their risk levels and don’t invest in enough security to protect their confidential data.

Therefore, antivirus software is critical as it will defend against the various types of malware. Further, Firewalls, which can be implemented with hardware or software, provide an added layer of protection by preventing an unauthorized user from accessing a computer or network, says the article. Lastly, a data backup solution can be implemented to recover compromised information in the event of a breach from an encrypted location. It’s also recommended that you use a two-step verification process on your internal controls to prevent unwanted users or hackers from accessing data.

Ensure your employees are educated on cyber-attacks and that your software programs are up to date. Lastly, create a solid cyber security policy and require each and every employee to sign it. Remember, passwords on all personal devices and computers should be changed every 60 to 90 days, as well.

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