Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing Safety TipsRoofers face a variety of inherent risks in their daily work. As working at such great heights can pose significant threats, these professionals must take extra safety precautions to prevent injury. Therefore, in addition to protecting your business with a Lake Tahoe Artisan Contractor Insurance policy, heed the following safety advice.

First and foremost, never work alone. This way, if there is an accident, someone will be there to help. Next, watch out for slippery surfaces caused by rain or debris. Especially after a first rain of the season or a storm, the roof is likely to be more dangerous.

When climbing onto the roof, ensure the ladder is on an even, sturdy surface. Enlighten Me recommends that you use a ladder stabilizer that attaches to the top of the ladder; if the legs are sitting on a dirt or grass surface, dig holes to hold the bottom of the ladder in place. If the ladder is on the porch or a deck, attach a board right behind the legs to prevent slipping.

Next, wear a safety harness when you are working. Ensure it is secured to something sturdy to prevent you from falling off the roof if you slip. Remember to also wear shoes that have traction and grip on them to lessen the chance of slipping, as well. Take your time when moving around and be aware of any debris or equipment that might get in the way.

Lastly, be aware of the weather. If a storm is approaching, consider pushing back the work, if possible. Rain and wind are severe threats to roofers, so work with the project owner on the timeline to ensure you and your crew’s safety.

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