Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims with Workplace Culture

Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims with Workplace CultureTo ensure an efficient working environment, it’s important to have a workplace culture. A workplace culture is essentially the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are collectively shared by the employees in a company. The work environment is highly influenced by a company’s workplace culture and therefore, must be focused on positivity. By keeping these things in mind, a company can save on their workers’ compensation costs. It’s also important to stay protected with Lake Tahoe Workers’ Compensation.

According to an article in Athens Administrators, a company can save big by creating a culture focused on safety, wellness and compassion. Here are some ways you can do that.

For a culture of safety, the simple awareness of a defined safety program can improve employees’ safety behavior. According to the Department of Labor, an effective safety and health program should include a clear safety policy, regular training for employees, and proactive motivation through positive recognition.

For a culture of wellness, employers can achieve a 30.1% savings in their workers’ compensation costs through workplace health promotion programs. These programs take form in health fairs, health screenings, healthy lifestyle coaching and promotion of work-life balance.

For a culture of compassion, a positive morale is an important key to a healthy workplace. A company that fosters an environment with a sense of achievement and camaraderie will see a significant improvement in employee morale and on your company’s overall work environment. 

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