How to Keep Traveling Employees Safe

How to Keep Traveling Employees SafeTraveling is a large component of many businesses. Whether they commute daily from job to job or they are flying internationally, it is important to take the proper precautions to ensure employee safety while traveling. In turn, Lake Tahoe Workers’ Compensation costs can be reduced and the scope of liabilities your company faces can be limited.

Stay Connected

It is important for employees to check in with someone when they have reached their final destination. Processes like this should be established prior to their travel date. Employee’s whereabouts, including when, where and how they are traveling, need to be communicated, as well. Further, make sure that employees are fit to travel and any known health risks are under control, says HR.BLR.

Medical Insurance

Employees who travel often should be protected with medical insurance. Even though most companies are required to provide medical coverage to their employees, temporary insurance should be issued for employees if your company is exempt from this regulation. Bear in mind that the costs of an employee becoming injured while traveling for work far outweigh the costs of temporary medical insurance.

Electronic Documentation

Copies of important documentation including plane tickets, passports, ID, traveler’s checks, and insurance should be stored electronically. This way, if they are lost or stolen, employees are not stranded waiting for the hard copies of their documents to be mailed.

Training Programs

Safety procedures and protocols should be discussed regularly at meetings. This includes driving safety, travel tips, international laws, safety practices, flying tips, and more. This is also a great time to have an open discussion about any questions the employees might have in regards to international affairs or travel concerns.

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