Specialty Trade Contractor Regulations: Ensuring Compliance

Specialty Trade Contractor Regulations Ensuring ComplianceOperating as a freelance worker rather than a hired employee can be beneficial for trade contractors. As this allows more flexibility in terms of projects and hours, this is the most common structure for these workers. However, structuring a contracting business means following legal obligations for operation. Therefore, here are some tips to limit Lake Tahoe Trade Contractor Liability and ensure compliance with the law.

Regulated Professions and Trades

According to Canada Business, a regulated occupation is one that is governed  by state or federal authority and requires that certain entry requirements and standards of practice are used to assess your qualifications to certify, register, or license your as a qualified applicant.

Employee or Contractor

The differentiating factors between employees and contractors vary, but determining your workers’ employment status is critical for tax purposes, benefits, wages, hours, liability, and more. As a contractor, you must determine whether or not you are a contractor or a hired employee by the company in which you are providing work.

Permits and Licenses

Starting or managing a trade contractor company requires multiple licenses. These can include, but are not limited to, licenses to work within city limits, building and trade-related construction, and remodeling, and repair permits, says Lawrence ECK.

Human Resource Rules

There are legal obligations that you must comply with which includes providing your workers with proper hourly wages, hiring practices, labor conditions, employment equality, vacation time, and more. Consult with your state’s website to determine what the laws are for your specific practice.

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