Creating an Effective Return to Work Program

Creating an Effective Return to Work ProgramContractors are no strangers to workplace injuries. From minor slips and falls to debilitating injuries, these professionals subject themselves to many risks on a day to day basis. With that said, it’s critical for any business owner to understand how injured employees affects their bottom line. Therefore, in addition to securing your business and your employees with a comprehensive Lake Tahoe Worker’s Compensation policy, heed the following advice for establishing an effective return to work program.

Create a working relationship with medical providers.

A medical professional who is familiar with your practices can provide an educated assumption on when your injured employee can return to work safely. It’s also helpful to provide a detailed job description to the doctor so that he or she fully understands the physical capabilities that are required for the job. The more communication between the two, the more efficiently your employee can return to work, saving you money in the long run.

Offer temporary positions for the injured worker.

Offers to return to temporary alternate work have the greatest potential for cost savings when they’re made in time to prevent a medical-only claim from becoming a lost-time claim; this could involve modifying an existing job, or combining tasks from others’ jobs, says Integrity. Even if the employee is only able to perform half of their duties, it means that recovery-related expenses can be dramatically reduced.

Be accommodating.

Let the other employees know about the injury and how they can work with him or her during their transition back into the workplace. It’s also important to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond to accommodate the injured employee in order to foster a positive and open workplace.

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