How Technology Affects Workers’ Compensation

How Technology Affects Workers’ CompensationWith the advancement of technology, nearly everything is available at the touch of a button. However, as on-demand technology continues to grow for various industries, this has changed the scope of risk for workplace incidents and workers’ compensation. Therefore, ensure you are secured with an iron-clad Lake Tahoe Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.

According to an article in Insurance Journal, Worker’s’ Comp industries must keep up with the fast-paced, on-demand economy. At the benefit of underemployed or unemployed, flexible individuals, the on-demand technology can be of use for those looking for a job as they are constantly looking to hire to keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

While smartphones have increased the use of these on-demand apps exponentially, the issue lies in the economic right of temporary and contract workers that support these businesses. If your business is one that provides this type of service, it is imperative that you supplement the necessary benefits, including workers’ compensation coverage, to your employees. Even more importantly, ensure your workers are classified accordingly as either independent contractors or employees. Bear in mind that independent contractors lose out of benefits, economic securities, and other attractive qualities that draw in qualified workers.

Further, it’s important to speak with your trusted insurance professional about covering the gaps that might exist for utilizing this type of technology in your business model. For example, if your driver is involved in an accident, and they are not considered an employee, who will foot the bill for the medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and potential legal fees?

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