Business Insurance: Why You Should Care About Office Ergonomics

Business Insurance Why You Should Care About Office ErgonomicsBusiness Insurance: Why You Should Care About Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics has been described blithely as the “science of making things comfy.” As appealing as that is, it also has deeper benefits. Ergonomics, when applied to office spaces, can help workers increase productivity and reduce common pains and aches that can come from the traditional office environment.

The traditional workers spends long hours in sedentary, sluggish positions. The physical act of sitting at a computer for long hours can wreak havoc on the neck, shoulders, and back making it difficult to work. Musculoskeletal conditions are commonly associated with poor ergonomics in the office. These conditions primarily affect the nerves, tendons, and muscles and can make it very painful for an employee to use his hands, arms, and writs.

Below are some common culprits that detract from office productivity:

The office chair. A poor office chair causes multiple problems for employees. Unsupportive or non-adjustable chairs place significant stress on the body. It forces you to sit in awkward and unhealthy positions, cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, even headaches and eye strain.

The computer. High contrast lighting makes it difficult to see the computer screen, and cause glare and eye strain.

Lighting. Bad lighting can make workers feel sluggish and tired. It also strains the eyes, which can cause unnecessary fatigue and stress. Headaches and bad posture from straining to see the screen can also hurt productivity.

By making a few modest changes, and investing in quality office furniture, companies can reap the benefits in both productivity and employee morale.

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