Outdoor Recreation Insurance: Snow Could Signal Impending Drought

Outdoor Recreation Insurance Snow Could Signal Impending DroughtOutdoor Recreation Insurance: Snow Could Signal Impending Drought

The Western states were parched last summer when a destructive drought affected farmers, ranchers, and officials across the land. Officials had hoped that winter snows would replenish the ground and refill rivers, easing the drought’s grip. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. For more information on Cal-Nevada’s Outdoor Recreation Insurance, give us a call – (866) 670-5948

Across the West, mountain snows have been thin and the lakes remain only half full. According to the New York Times, some of the worst-hit states have even less water than they did a year ago. The current winter does not bode well for summer, indicating another summer of drought and wildfire may be in store. In addition, more shortages and rationing could end in another year of losses for struggling farms.

Reservoir levels have fallen sharply in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. The snow is so thin in parts of Colorado that the government declared “extreme drought” among Vail and Aspen, typically, the ski havens of the west. So far, the snowpack in Colorado was only 72 percent of average as of Feb. 1. This affects the water that fills lakes and reservoirs, taps, and swimming pools across the states.

The drought is also hazardous to summer recreation facilities, as the increased risk of wildfire threatens already deplenished resources. The Forest Service is working to modernize the shrinking, aging, fleet of tanker plans it uses to douse wildfires.

The Southwest is no stranger to wildfire risk. California and Nevada’s high temperatures and wide expanse of land, while a huge benefit for outdoor enthusiasts, also presents a high wildfire risk. And, given the current shortage, the West could begin to see even more dire risks.

Outdoor recreation facilities also face unique insurance risks. Unpredictable weather, injury, damages; there are a range of unique risks that could leave your outdoor recreation operation liable. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, our Outdoor Recreation Insurance Program serves recreation businesses across the region with comprehensive insurance products and risk management services. Contact us today for more information – (866) 670-5948