Nevada Commercial Auto Insurance: Why Kids Don’t See Oncoming Cars

Nevada Commerical Auto Insurance: Why Kids Don't See Oncoming CarsNevada Commercial Auto Insurance: Why Kids Don’t See Oncoming Cars

The Wall Street Journal published a study this week on some alarming facts for drivers on the road; children don’t always see oncoming cars.

The study in Accident Analysis & Prevention suggests that children as young as 6 and 7 years old lack the perceptual skills of even slightly older children to interpret pedestrian safety cues, such as engine and tire noises. These skills won’t even start to reach adult levels until after the age of 10 approximately.

The study compared traffic-detection skills of adults and children ages 6-9 using simulated audio systems. Adults detected the car significantly earlier than children. When the vehicle was detected, it was significantly closer to children than adults.

This study has particularly tragic significance in the wake of the death of a 6-year-old boy in East Harlem earlier this month. The boy was killed by an oncoming truck while on his way to school. In an attempt to make sense of the tragic death, blame has been flying. Some blame the driver barreling down a neighborhood street. Others fault the crossing guard who was not at her post. Still others point to New York City’s Police Department as a whole, saying they do not enforce traffic violations as significantly as they should be.

Most likely it is a fault of several factors; or more likely, the presence of several factors could have prevented it. But the incident and results of the study remind drivers to stay alert on the road at all times. And, as a business owner, if you have commercial vehicles as part of your operation, you could face significant risks.

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