Golf Course Insurance: What You Need to Know

Golf Course Insurance

Golf Course Insurance: What You Need to Know

In the next few posts, we’re providing everything you need to know about golf course insurance. A popular pastime, golf course provides a variety of amenities that also presents a unique combination of exposures for golf course owners. Part social club, part sporting course, and part entertainment and country club, golf courses require a specific insurance program. The lack of a comprehensive golf course insurance plan could hurt you significantly and cost you more in the long run.

When accidents or mishaps occur on the course, the golf course is often held liable or implicated in the claim. They could be held liable for a number of reasons, whether failing to remedy or locate a potentially dangerous situation, an employee claim, or accident that occurred on the property.

There are multiple different aspects golf course managers and owners need to account for when searching for a quality insurance plan. The golf course itself needs to be covered, including liability for accidents, flying balls, or any maintenance issues might cause claims. Operating a restaurant on the premise, especially if you serve alcohol, represents another substantial risk that needs to be accounted for. Allowing guests to use and operate golf carts represents another risk. Finally, you’ll want coverage for your specialty equipment.

Beginning with Commercial Property and General Liability insurance, you also will want to include other options such as Liquor Liability, Employee Crime, Insurance for your Grounds, Coverage for Landscaping and specialty equipment, and more. If you host special events, you might also want to consider Special Events Insurance for parties, fundraisers, or other events you host.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency provides risk management advice and golf course insurance for golfing clubs, golf courses, and country clubs the throughout the California, Arizona and Nevada. We cover everything from the tee to the taproom, including on-premises facilities, vehicles, property, lessons, competitions, parties and grounds. We can even secure liability insurance for your directors and officers. Contact us today for more information. (866) 670-5948