Lake Tahoe Outdoor Recreation Insurance for Winter

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Recreation Insurance for Winter Lake Tahoe Outdoor Recreation Insurance for Winter

One of the greatest parts about being an outdoor recreation operation in the Lake Tahoe area is that winter weather is one of your biggest assets. Thousands of winter sports enthusiasts travel to this beautiful region each year in search of fresh powder and outdoor fun. With the winter tourism season just around the corner, it is important that Lake Tahoe outdoor recreation businesses evaluate their risk management strategies for the coming season, to avoid any potential losses should unexpected situations arise.

Whether you’re operation specializes in maintaining the slopes on the mountains or supplying winter recreation gear, you face countless exposures to property and liability threats. Loaning out business property to others, or making such property available to the masses, opens outdoor recreation industry members up to a huge probability of loss or damage. For example, an outdoor recreation gear rental facility makes profit through lending out their business owned property to consumers. Should those customers misplace, damage, or otherwise render the rented equipment unusable that operation will likely suffer losses to repair or replace that property. Additionally the rental operation will also be unable to use that equipment as anticipated thus resulting in lost income. In another scenario, an individual who procured outdoor recreational gear from the same sporting good supplier could bring liability claims against the rental operation if the equipment was found to be broken, faulty or damage and resulted in the renter incurring losses or injury.

Traditional business property insurance is designed to protect the brick-and-mortar establishment and its contents from theft, destruction and other losses, it often lacks coverage for goods in transit or off company premises. Furthermore, general business liability insurance often excludes many professional errors, mistake, and other liability mishaps and only offers minimal protection in the event of litigation.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we specialize in helping Lake Tahoe outdoor recreation industry members find complete business insurance solutions to meet their unique needs. We have extensive experience working with outdoor recreation enterprises of all types throughout Arizona, California and Nevada. Our Lake Tahoe outdoor recreation insurance specialists can help you find complete property and liability coverage as well as any other specialty coverages your operation my need. Give us a call today at (866) 670-5948 to learn more about our Lake Tahoe outdoor recreation  insurance or other specialty industry programs.