Lake Tahoe Workers Comp: Cold Weather Construction

Lake Tahoe Workers Comp: Cold Weather Construction  Lake Tahoe Worker’s Comp Cold Weather Construction

For Lake Tahoe contractors work doesn’t stop when the weather turns snowy, but working on a construction job site in the middle of winter comes with many additional hazards and challenges. It’s important that Lake Tahoe contractors are aptly prepared for all the winter weather nature has in store.  Cold temperatures, snow, ice, rain, and frigid winds can take a drastic toll on both workers and job sites, which can cause work delays and costly repercussions.

Snow, rain and ice build-ups can create slippery surfaces, cause erosion and even structural damage. These conditions increase your worker’s susceptibility to slips and falls which are some of the most common construction site accidents year-round. According to experts, such injuries increase exponentially during the winter months as snow can obstruct visibility on the site and ice reduces traction.

Working long hours in extreme cold can greatly stress the human body and creates also prime conditions for cold related injuries, ailments and accidents. Outdoor workers exposed to cold and windy conditions for long periods of time are greatly susceptible from complication arising from cold stress. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, “cold stress” can affect workers health and performance by causing workers to easily fatigue and lose mobility. The conditions can also lead to hypothermia, rabid bodily heat loss, frost bite and much more. As such, it is imperative the employees understand the signs and symptoms of overexposure to winter weather conditions and monitor themselves and each other for signs of ailing.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that workers are wearing proper attires and for safety and warmth. Water repellant and insulated clothes, waterproof boots, gloves and headwear can all help prevent workers from feeling losing body heat too quickly. Keeping dry is vital because even sweating will increase a worker’s rate of heat loss. However, bulky clothing can hinder workers’ job performance, limit mobility and the risk of becoming caught on or in machinery. The trick it so ensure that in the quest for warmth, workers’ thick gear does not become a safety hazard.

Cold weather can bring increased exposure to workplace accidents and employee injuries which can have devastating effects for Lake Tahoe contractors. When unexpected circumstances arise, employees have the right to be compensated. As such, having the right workers compensation coverage becomes that much more important for Lake Tahoe contractors.  At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we can help Lake Tahoe contractors find the complete Lake Tahoe Workers Compensation coverage designed to protect your operation and your employees. Our Lake Tahoe Workers Comp specialists will craft a policy specifically catered to your needs so that you and your employees can keep working hard without worry. To learn more about our Lake Tahoe Workers Comp coverage or any of our other construction risk management solutions, give us a call today at (866) 670-5948.