Lake Tahoe Workers Comp: Construction Site Accidents

Lake Tahoe Workers Comp: Construction Site Accidents
Lake Tahoe Workers Comp: Construction Site Accidents

The construction workers operate in unique and dynamic work environments every day with countless hazards. From simple repetitive motion injuries to large scale fatal accidents, the construction industry is a hotbed for worker injuries, ailments and mishaps. As such it is important to understand the range of hazards contractors and their crews face every day, and create solutions and strategies to prevent complications and losses.

Safety should always be the first priority on any Lake Tahoe job site to protect workers, contractors and project owners. Here are a few Common construction accidents and tips to avoid them.

  • Falls from heavy machinery: Due to their size and configuration, boarding and exiting construction machine is the primary cause of injury to equipment operators, forklift drivers and truck drivers. Improper dismounting and missteps in particular are a common cause of construction site injuries from sprained muscles to fractured and broken bones.
  • Slips on ladders, walkways and other surfaces: Slips and trips are the most common construction site accident year round according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the wet and cold weather increases these risks, it is not uncommon for workers to trip and fall due to a variety of preventable hazards such as clutter, poor stability, or improper footwear.  Keeping paths clear of obstructions, dry and railed or supported when necessary is a crucial step towards keeping workers safe and reducing accidents.
  • Employers being crushed or bludgeoned by machinery, tools or materials. Accidents involving strikes to the head and body are incredibly common on construction sites but can be greatly diminished with the proper use of hard hats and head gear. It is also important to discourage workers from crowding and gathering around heavy machinery, especially while it is in operation. It is important to alert all workers when machinery is in operation and to mark off or rope off the swing radius of equipment and other cautionary measurements.
  • Falling and projectile objects: Falling and projectile obstacles are innate to any construction or land development project, and as such contractors must take the proper precautions to avoid accidents and injuries. For example, do not let workers leave tools lying on overhead surfaces, such as roofs or scaffolding, wearing proper personal protective devices at all times and other such rules can help create a less accident prone jobsite.

Accidents are unfortunately an inevitable risk for any Lake Tahoe business, however contractors may face many more risks than most. Construction site accidents, especially those involving worker injuries or fatalities are devastating both financially and emotionally. The right Lake Tahoe Workers’ Comp is a crucial part of any Lake Tahoe Contractors Insurance program and can make a huge difference in the event of a job site accident.

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