Lake Tahoe Business Insurance: Superstorm’s Silver Lining

Lake Tahoe Business Insurance: Superstorm’s Silver Lining Lake Tahoe Business Insurance: Superstorm's Silver Lining

Last week a powerful winter weather system swept across Washington, Oregon and California into which brought heavy rains, flooding, mudflows, high winds and a host of other complications to much of the Pacific coast. Northern California and the Sierra Nevada region were hit particularly hard, with winds gusting up to 140 miles per hour and roughly three feet of snow in the Lake Tahoe area.  While Lake Tahoe, like many parts of California, suffered its share of property damage, the area also experienced a number of positive and potentially lucrative side effects of the storm.

According to reports, a few daring surfers were drawn to Lake Tahoe’s chilly banks in pursuit of the 7-foot waves brought on by the heavy wind conditions. Surfing is a rare, if ever, occurrence on the lake’s banks but the storm made it possible for a few determined die-hard surf enthusiasts to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience  by conquering large waves in the frigid lake waters. While surfing may be rare, outdoor recreation is one of the backbones of Lake Tahoe’s economy and as such the surfers aren’t the only ones excited by the recent severe weather.

In fact the storm could actually prove beneficial for many Lake Tahoe businesses. The storm system brought a sizable amount of fresh powder and snow to the Lake Tahoe area which has Lake Tahoe outdoor recreation providers, hospitality operations, rental property owners and many others very excited. According to reports, last week’s storm could provide the spark needed to jump start tourism this season and send Northern California residents heading for the hills, or mountains as it were, to enjoy some winter sports and recreation. Last year was a bit slow for many Lake Tahoe businesses due to low snow levels and inopportune conditions, as such Lake Tahoe officials and businesses are hopeful that this storm is a sign of a better year to come.

Winter weather has its pros and cons for Lake Tahoe businesses, but is a fundamental variable to any operation’s success. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we specialize in helping Lake Tahoe businesses protect themselves, their properties and their assets for the risk exposures they face all year round. We serve a variety of niche industry sectors including outdoor recreation providers, vacation rental owners, food service providers and many more. Our Lake Tahoe Business Insurance specialists can help fine the complete coverage your operation needs to protect against a broad range of loss and liability exposures. To learn more about our operation and all our business solutions, give us a call today at (866) 670-5948.