Vandalism a Growing Concern For Reno Small Businesses

Vandalism a Growing Concern For Reno Small BusinessesSeven local businesses bore the brunt of a string of vandalism that swept through the Reno area this week along Moana Lane and Atlantic, according to reports. While there are no official estimates of all the damage yet, local business owners are concerned about the effects the acts will have on the safety of the community as well as their own financial assets. Vandalism hurts small, local businesses where they can least afford it, and can often lead to costly out of pocket expenditures for clean up and remodeling. With roughly 98 percent of Nevada operation considered small businesses, the threat of property damage can be a scary prospect. While a strong business property insurance policy can help Reno small businesses protect themselves from such expenses, such claims could lead to higher premiums in the future.

When small businesses are victims of crime, they often respond by changing their hours of operation, raising their prices to cover their losses, relocating outside the community, or simply closing down all together out of fear or lack of funds. However, there are many things business owners can do to deter vandals and criminal activity around their property.

Experts and police authorities advice that updated surveillance cameras, good lighting and other security measures can go a long way in preventing vandalism and break-ins. According to law enforcement officials, Reno businesses can reduce their vulnerability to crime by implementing security measures like updated locks, lighting, and alarms can make any Reno establishment a less attractive target for deviant behavior. Adding reinforced glass can also help reduce the likelihood of a shattered window. In addition, many local police and sheriffs’ departments offer commercial security surveys to local businesses and when these systems are not in place private security measure can also be implemented. Furthermore, small businesses can join together in such efforts as Business Watch to alert each other to crime patterns and suspicious activities. Experts say that preventing vandalism and property crimes is a community effort and takes planning and collaboration.

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