Drought Brings New Opportunities for Lake Tahoe Contractors

Drought Brings New Opportunities for Lake Tahoe ContractorsWinter was officially over as of March 20th, but much of the Lake Tahoe region has been feeling the heat for months. In fact, 2015 was the warmest winter on record in the Lake Tahoe region, according to recent reports. The drought has had the most significant impact on the region’s tourism industry, which is one of the largest economic sectors for the area. A serious lack of snow and unseasonably warm weather has forced 7 ski resorts to close their slopes early this year, and many environmental and climate experts warn that this may quickly become the new norm.

After the fourth consecutive year of drought and waning snow levels, ski resorts, hotel owners and other recreation providers are reevaluating their longstanding emphasis on winter tourism. Many are searching for new ways to draw visitors to the lake year round, placing much more emphasis on the myriad of other recreational opportunities the region has to offer. The Sacramento Bee reports that many Lake Tahoe business owners are shifting their efforts towards entertainment, fine dining and other forms of recreation. Some resorts are already building zip line courses, mountain bike trails and even wedding venue in hopes of drawing guests despite of the changing climate.

These expansions are great news for Lake Tahoe contractors that stand to benefit greatly from the surge of new development and project in the area. For example, the Placer County Board of Supervisors recently approved the disbursement of $1.48 million in industry tax revenue to support 10 local projects. Funding for the projects comes from the local Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), which is a charge added to the cost of a motel, hotel, or other rented room, paid by visitors who stay fewer than 30 days. The Placer County board hopes that the new construction and development projects will benefit the local community and help stimulate the economy. Many of these projects, and others being created throughout the Lake Tahoe areas as the tourism industry continues to adapt, will create jobs for local contractors.

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