San Francisco Earthquake Insurance Protects Local Businesses

San Francisco Earthquake Insurance Protects Local Businesses San Francisco Earthquake Insurance Protects Local Businesses

Thousands of earthquakes occur in the United States each year yet most are too small to significantly affect businesses and communities. Large earthquakes, however, present a much more significant threat to both the local and national economy. Unlike many other natural events, earthquakes can strike any time without warning, at an unpredictable magnitude. Many parts of California area are highly susceptible to the dangers of an earthquake as the state lies atop one of the largest fault lines in the nation. This leaves local businesses and communities exposed to the dangers caused by these geologic events. There are also a number of secondary disasters which can be sparked by an earthquake, such as flood, tidal wave, mudslide, rock-slide, fallen trees and more, which can all have devastating consequences.

Threats to the health and safety of your employees should be planned for and properly mitigated. The right emergency response plan can help minimize the amount of injuries or fatalities which occur during a natural disaster. Employee safety should always be a paramount concern for employers, as they could be held responsible for injuries or accidents resulting from negligence or improper emergency response training and precautions.

Physical damage to company property can be one of the most costly impacts of an earthquake or subsequent natural disaster. Earthquake conditions can cause structural damages to buildings, fixtures, equipment and other business properties. At best these damages are costly to repair, but in some cases buildings and other property can become unrecoverable. Damage incurred from these hazards, such as broken gas or water pipes can then become even greater employee safety hazards. In some cases businesses may be unable to continue operations after an earthquake or subsequent event which can impact the flow of critical products and services.

It is essential for businesses to understand the variety of risks they face when planning for an earthquake to ensure the safety of their workers and assets. Having a comprehensive Commercial Earthquake Insurance policy in your Business Insurance portfolio can help mitigate your losses should a geologic disaster occur. San Francisco earthquake insurance can help minimize the financial burden you as the business property owner face in the wake of a natural catastrophe. Business interruption coverage can also be a tremendous asset to any business attempting to recover from an earthquake, flood or other hazard. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency we help California business secure their property and assets from the myriad of risk exposures they face, from natural disasters to their professional practices. We can help you assess the potential hazards your business may face and find comprehensive solutions to circumvent those challenges. Give us a call today at (866) 670-5948, for more information about how we can help protect your operation.