Truckee Railyard Project: Contractor Liability?

Truckee Railyard Project Contractor LiabilityThe long delayed Railyard development is underway at last. The California Strategic Growth Council granted an $8 million award last month, bringing the total funding to $14 million. The three phase project will build a variety of different extensions for the city, providing ample necessity for Lake Tahoe Contractors Insurance.

According to The Tahoe Daily Tribune, The Railyard was one of 28 housing and transit infrastructure development projects that obtained a total of $121.9 million in grants for completion. Developer Rick Holliday stated that the funds will be used for infrastructure installation such as utilities, roads, and sewer lines and is said to cost an estimated $15-20 million.

The three phases, which are scheduled to be started late summer or early fall, will be located east of Commercial Row, and will be completed as follows.

Phase One: Downtown Extension- A movie and performance center, a grocery store, restaurants, and a retail building with surrounding offices will be built during this phase. What’s more, various income and workforce housing will be created. Executive Director of Mountain Area Preservation Alexis Ollar stated “The creation of 60 affordable housing units in the heart of historic downtown Truckee is the exact type of infill and smart growth development needed to strengthen the local community.”

Phase Two: Trout Creek- More housing catering to both single and multiple families will be built along the creek.

Phase Three: Industrial Development- Multi-family residential neighborhoods and artisan commercial spaces are going to be built to allow live-work usage, as well.

‘The Truckee Railyard Project demonstrates we can do smart workforce housing and transportation projects in rural regions that create jobs and reduce climate impacts at the same time” elaborated Sierra Business Council president Steve Frisch.

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