Famous “Chewing Gum Pipe” to be Replaced in Tahoe City

Famous “Chewing Gum Pipe” to be Replaced in Tahoe CityA landmark pipe that runs along the Truckee River is set to be replaced in September. The Tahoe City Public Utility District and Tahoe Public Art are collaborating to replace the pipe and finish it with an attractive design. Whether your construction company or contractors are working on this or a similar project, it is important to ensure they have Lake Tahoe General Contractor Liability to protect against possible exposures.

The 50 year old pipe has become a somewhat iconic eyesore in the area. Over the last half century, it has accumulated a combination of chewed gum, stickers, and filth, obstructing the picturesque river it crosses. As a result, the West Shore Export Crossing Rehabilitation program was created to revamp the functionality and the look of the pipe.

For the next month, Marguerite Sprague, coordinator for the project for Tahoe Public Art, will be collecting ideas from local artists who wish to have their work featured on the new and improved pipe. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that there will be two rounds of selections- the first by a jury followed by the TCPUD Board of Directors, which will choose the final artwork. Although the artists are allowed to be creative with the design, Sprague did note that the proposal has to be natural looking and relative to the surrounding scenery.

Kurt Althof, a spokesperson for TCPUD, explained the partnership by stating “We as a utility district are not experts in the art field. Looking at how Tahoe Public Art has helped the North Tahoe Business Association, they were just the natural partners to help on this project.”

The project will cost an estimated $1.3 million, which is schedule to be completed by October 15, will be deducted from the PUD’s capital budget. As this is an expensive assignment, ultraviolet coating will be added to the completed design in order to preserve it for a long period of time.

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