Why You Need Special Event Insurance

Why You Need Special Event InsuranceWhy You Need Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance is designed to protect you from any liability or financial fallout that can occur when you host an event. Special events can include everything from bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, fairs, fundraisers, weddings, galas, even association meetings.

But why is it necessary? When you host an event, you expose yourself to certain liabilities. Items you rent or borrow, hosting large numbers of guests, using rented facilities, any cancellations or postponements can all affect your event, and leave you liable for the resulting costs.

Special event insurance is designed specifically to protect you from the unique risks you face when you host an event. General liability insurance can protect the event planner for losses due to bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured’s employees or agents.

Serving alcohol at your event also increases your liability. Whoever is pouring the alcohol can be held responsible if intoxication contributes to an accident or injury. Accidentally providing alcohol to minors is another issue you are exposed to.

Despite all the planning, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Less than ideal weather can halt an event. A vendor might cancel or not show up at the last minute. Some raucous guests may damage the event venue. The valet driver you hired dented a guest’s car while at the event. Even the location can impact your liability- holding the event on a boat, for example, increases your risk.

We live in a litigious society. As the host of a special event, you automatically expose yourself to a number of risks. Let us help you plan for any unforeseen incidents with special event insurance. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we help clients plan for, avoid, and insure the risks associated with their special events. A special events insurance policy can protect hosts from expensive injurious incidents related to gatherings you host. In addition, our unparalleled risk management services can help you avoid accidents in the first place. Contact us today for more information.